In 2006, Perfect Touch Janitorial Services,LLC a Family Owned & Operated Company was invented out of St. Louis, Missouri. We decided that cleaning buildings and windows was a great way to make some additional money. After many months of investing and building the cleaning services company, we decided that this was something our family wanted to pursue full time. We noticed that hard working employees did not have the time to dedicate to cleaning while working. Businesses would benefit greatly if someone else would be available to take care of janitorial duties. Leave it to Perfect Touch to easily take care of your cleaning needs in Atlanta.

Since 2006, Perfect Touch Janitorial Services has relocated from St. Louis, MO to Atlanta, GA. After years of cleaning, painting, and taking part in some renovation projects. We decided to do some research and take some necessary steps to re-invent the company. Moving and establishing business in Atlanta has been hard work but very rewarding. We are very excited about the many different opportunities that have been presented. After coming up with new ideas and making some necessary changes to the company, we are equipped and qualified to handle the simplest to the most challenging jobs.

 Choose Perfect Touch Janitorial Services, LLC to assist with your janitorial needs because “Our Touch is The Final Touch”. Contact us for a FREE estimate and we will guarantee that we will provide you with the best and most affordable price. Take a moment to fill out your company information in our Free Quote section and a member of our team will respond to your needs promptly. Thank you for visiting with Perfect Touch Janitorial Services!