Perfect Touch Janitorial Services can take care of your post-construction cleanup. We are prepared to provide construction company client with a stress-free way to clean up before their clients move into the properties. Construction cleans require cleaners that have the knowledge and skills to perform this specific type of cleaning. Our top priority here at Perfect Touch Janitorial Services is Safety. We train top individuals that have gone through the rigorous safety training that will expose them to the possibilities of health hazards that come with construction clean up. We also make sure they are equipped and trained with the tools that are specific to cleaning a construction site. Our staff are very aware that post-construction is a serious matter, and they are updated with the information required to adhere to disposal regulations.

The first stage is the Rough Clean. During this stage of post-construction cleaning the cleaners will remove all the dust and remove large items from the property. The team will come up with a detailed plan to follow to effectively clean the property. They will remove stickers and dust particles from doors, windows, and cabinets.

The second stage is the Light Clean. During this stage of post-construction cleaning, the cleaners break out the equipment to detail the sinks, cabinets, and toilets. They are wiping down the baseboards and door frames to remove any access dust. They spend more time detailing the kitchen and bedrooms.

The third stage is the Touch-up Clean. During this stage of post-construction cleaning the cleaners will put the finishing touches on the property. Detailing of the mirrors and surfaces is done. Any vacuuming and mopping of floors are done during this step. They will also ensure that the overall appearance of the home is fantastic using a crafted quality control checklist. The home is now and ready for move in!