Perfect Touch Janitorial Services, LLC has been in business over 16 years and aims to offer the most trustworthy and environmentally friendly commercial cleaning. We provide public sector clients with an exceptional janitorial service program that focuses on compliance management. We are equipped to handle the countless tasks included in professional commercial settings. We deep clean and maintain the cleanliness of government financial institutions, warehouses, factory offices, etc. Our cleaning team of professionals are qualified to deliver premium services that make them more confident to handle the day-to-day cleaning tasks. We are certain that we will keep and maintain any kind of office tidy and healthy.

You can rely on Perfect Touch Janitorial Services to always put safety first. We ensure that our employees are put through a meticulous safety and blood borne pathogens training during orientation. We also take them through a series of OSHA training that provides them with the crucial information to handle workplace hazards. All work is completed in compliance with the federal and state government regulations and is covered by comprehensive general liability insurance.

Our custodian staff must effectively pass the two-step interview process and a rigorous background check before they are offered employment with our company. They are trained and prepared to maintain privacy and understand safety practices. Each activity is recorded so that we can provide a permanent record of all activities done whenever requested.


  • Crafted Safety and Quality Control Programs
  • Unique and Effective Office Management Communication
  • Advanced Equipment
  • Top-Notch Commercial Cleaning Software for Employees and Staff

What we offer:

  • Janitorial Commercial Cleaning
  • Commercial Floor Services
  • Disinfection Services
  • Inventory and Materials Management